682Drums is specialised in products for electronic- and hybrid drumming. 
We offer Mesh Heads, t-Riggs, Drum Triggers and more drum products.  
682DRUMS started in 2009 with the development and sales of top quality mesh heads. Dual layer mesh heads with an unbelievable strength and quality. Now 682DRUMS is known for its RealHit mesh heads. Dual layer mesh heads with an additional layer for an even better real feel and a better look. 
Our E-kicks and t-Riggs are used all over the world by (hybride) drummers who expand their acoustic drum kit with electronic drums.
All our products are tested by many drummers and meet our extreem high quality requirements. 682DRUMS products are shipped world wide from our Dutch warehouse, at extreem low shipment costs.
Man is playing drums. Black and white picture.