Our mesh heads are made of two layers of very fine mesh which is extremely strong and incredibly durable. As a result, the heads have a natural stick rebound, similar to acoustic drum heads.

You can choose two types of mesh heads:

  • XS-PRO mesh heads with 2 layers.
  • XS-PRO+ mesh heads with 2 layers + a RealHit layer. The RealHit layer is an extra layer which not only improves the feel of your kit but also the looks!

With our mesh heads, you can convert your acoustic drum kit into a silent practice kit. Play without upsetting neighbours!
Do you want to play electronic? No problem! You can use our mesh heads, together with our triggers, to create the best electronic kit you want. Or build your own hybrid drum kit!

682DRUMS mesh heads fit on:

  • Roland V-drums (pads and kick)
  • 2BOX kits
  • Alesis kits (mylar/mesh)
  • Medeli (mylar/mesh)
  • Acoustic kits (all brands)