Unleash the potential of your current drum kit with the Alesis Conversion Set!

Upgrade your Alesis kit to a real mesh head drum E-kit.

With the Alesis Conversion Set, give your beloved drum kit with mylar heads a brand new life by transforming it into a powerful mesh head kit.

Your kit will play much better and the sound will reduce with about 20dB. With our conversion kit, you’ll switch an Alesis mylar pad in a high quality mesh head pad in only 10 minutes.

You can choose two types of mesh heads:

– XS-PRO mesh heads with 2 layers
– XS-PRO+ mesh heads with 2 layers + a RealHit layer. The RealHit layer is an extra layer which not only improves the feel of your kit but also the looks!

The conversion sets include the mesh heads, shields and cones + instruction manual.

For each available mylar head Alesis kit we offer a mesh head conversion set. The conversion also works for other brands than Alesis that are using the same pads.

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ALESIS Mesh Head Conversion

The solution for improved playability of your Alesis kit. No longer have the feeling of hitting a steel plate! Much better rebound!