Mesh heads for drums are a popular alternative to traditional drumheads made of animal skin or plastic.

682Drums mesh heads are made of very fine mesh which is extremely strong and incredibly durable.  Our drum mesh heads have several advantages over traditional drumheads. They are more durable and resistant to wear and tear, and they produce a consistent sound quality over time. The mesh drumheads have a natural stick rebound, similar to acoustic drumheads! You don’t miss the ‘real feel’ of playing drums!

Another advantage of mesh heads is that they are more customizable than traditional drumheads. Drummers can adjust the tension of the mesh head to change the sound and feel of the drum, and they can also add additional muffling to further alter the sound. Mesh drumheads are also much quieter than traditional drumheads. A very good choice for drummers who practice at home or in apartments where noise levels are a concern.  Don’t annoy your neighbours!

682Drums mesh heads are available in all sizes,  from 6 inch to  22 inch!  In the colors black and white!

You can choose two types of drum mesh heads:

– XS-PRO mesh heads with 2 layers
– XS-PRO+ mesh heads with 2 layers + a RealHit layer.

The XS-PRO+ mesh heads have an additional RealHit layer, to make the ‘real feel’ even better.  The RealHit layer not only improves the feel of your kit but also the looks! No see through!

Will you go for an electronic drum kit? You can also add the 682Drums Edge triggers and with a drum module you have a great looking electronic drum kit! (Check Drum Triggers for more information).

682Drums mesh heads are made with Powergrip rim-technology with aluminum ring and steel core.

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