Improve the playability of your Alesis set with top quality 682Drums mesh heads!

The perfect upgrade for an unrivalled drumming experience!

These mesh heads take your playing to the next level by combining durability, responsiveness and stunning sound quality.

682Drums mesh heads are made of very fine mesh which is extremely strong and incredibly durable. As a result, the heads have a natural stick rebound, similar to acoustic drum heads. Every beat on the drumhead is captured with precision and reproduces a lifelike sound, whether you are rehearsing or on stage.

Made with Powergrip rim-technology with aluminum ring and steel core.

You can choose two types of mesh heads:

– XS-PRO mesh heads with 2 layers.
– XS-PRO+ mesh heads with 2 layers + a RealHit layer. The RealHit layer is an extra layer which not only improves the feel of your kit but also the looks!

If your Alesis kit isn’t a mesh head kit yet, please go to: Alesis Mesh Head Conversion set

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