With our extra pads, you can fully customise your drum kit to your own unique playing style.

Explore new sounds and rhythms by expanding your set with our additional pads. Explore a range of possibilities and add a personal touch to your music.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic beginner, these pads offer endless opportunities to refine and improve your drumming. 

Our pads offer an immersive and consistent playing experience, whether you are in the studio or on stage.

If you want to expand your acoustic or electronic kit with additional special pads, the 682Drums KTR-7 E-kick and t-RIGG are just what you need.

The KTR-7 E-kick is a heavy duty kick trigger for both single and double pedals (fits under an acoustic floor tom!). The t-RIGG is covered by a special rubber compound, allowing it to be struck anywhere. 

The KTR-7 E-kick and the t-RIGG work both work great with Roland SPD-SX, SPD-S, all Roland modules and Alesis Performance pads.

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