Improve your 2BOX kit substantially!

Discover the ultimate revolution in drum sounds with our high-quality mesh heads!

With our advanced mesh heads, you will enjoy unprecedented precision and sensitivity, making every stroke come alive with amazing clarity and dynamics.

Thanks to their high-quality materials and construction, they deliver consistent studio-quality sound whether you are practising in the rehearsal room or performing on stage.

Mesh heads for 2BOX drums have a unique structure and are made of 2 layers + a RealHit layer. 

As a result, the bounce back is natural and the strength is unimaginable.

The RealHit layer is an extra layer which not only improves the feel of your kit but also the looks!

These 2BOX mesh heads are made with Powergrip rim-technology with aluminum ring and steel core.

Improve your drumming and unleash your creativity with our innovative mesh heads for 2BOX drum kits.

Experience the difference in sound quality and playability. Choose the ultimate drumming experience with our mesh heads, specially made for the demanding drummer who will only settle for the very best.

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