Great for converting your acoustic drum kit into an electronic kit. 682Drums offers head triggers, rim-triggers and bass drum triggers. They can be built in the drum shell for a better performance and a better look.

Our advanced triggers are designed to effortlessly blend into your drum set, offering unparalleled precision and sensitivity. Combining the organic feel of acoustic drums with the boundless potential of electronic sound manipulation.

Whether you're a professional musician, studio producer, or an enthusiastic beginner, our drum triggers elevate your playing to new heights. With customizable sensitivity and precise triggering, you can explore a universe of sounds, layer beats, trigger samples, and enhance your performances with unprecedented control and creativity.

Take your drumming to the next level!




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Drum triggers can be built in an acoustic tom-tom, to convert the physical impact of a drumstick into an electronic signal. The signal from the drum trigger can then be sent to a drum module or computer to trigger digital drum sounds, creating an electronic drum setup.

The 682Drums triggers are developed to use in combination with mesh heads.
Drum triggers can be used for a variety of applications, including:

Live performances: Drum triggers allow drummers to create a more consistent and controlled sound in a live setting. In smaller environments the advantage is that you can create a ‘mature sound’ as if it come out of the PA and you are able to control the volume.
Toms with triggers can also be used for triggering all kind sounds (hybrid drumming) , or even trigger electronic beats to play along with.

Recording: By using drum triggers in a studio as midi, engineers can isolate and manipulate individual drum sounds easily than with traditional microphones. And it is always possible to change the sounds fully in a later stage, when mixing.

Drum practice: Using drum triggers with mesh heads are great for practice drumming without disturbing others or without the need for a full acoustic drum set.

Overall, drum triggers can add versatility, precision, and consistency to a drummer's playing, while also opening up new creative possibilities in music production and live performance.