Turn your acoustic drum kit into a silence practice kit! Play your drum kit whenever you want!

The best solution if you need to make acoustic drums quieter.

One of the best choices for quietly playing drums!

Don’t upset your neighbors! 

682Drums mesh heads are made of two layers of very fine mesh which is extremely strong and incredibly durable.  As a result, the heads have a natural stick rebound, similar to acoustic drum heads.

Je kunt kiezen uit twee soorten mesh heads/gaasvellen:

– XS-PRO mesh heads met 2 lagen
- XS-PRO+ mesh heads met 2 lagen + een RealHit laag. De RealHit laag is een extra laag which not only improves the feel of your kit but also the looks! (no see through)

You can also add the 682Drums Edge triggers and with a drum module you have a great looking electronic drum kit! (Check Drum Triggers for more information).

We have already put together some sets for you. If your perfect set isn’t listed, please send us an email and we’ll help you out! ( 

682Drums mesh heads/gaasvellen zijn gemaakt met Powergrip rim-technologie met aluminium ring en stalen kern.

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